Only 51% of marketers trust the data provided by their own department

A recent study commissioned by Hotwire, the global PR and integrated communications consultancy, today revealed the use of statistics to measure campaigns is not the Holy Grail for experienced marketers. Launched during the week of the AMEC Measurement, Hotwire research shows that marketers prioritize the planning of future campaigns and communication strategies as the primary use of the information and data obtained from the activities of PR and social media.

Planning takes a central role

The Big Data has been a buzzword in the industry in recent years, from providing insight into the behavior and activity of consumers to measurement the effectiveness of campaigns. However, the survey results reveal that:

  • Only one in four (28%) of marketers surveyed said they primarily used the information about PR and social media to analyze the success of past campaigns.
  • More than half of survey respondents (51%) said that the main use made of statistics is to outline future plans and strategies – by providing the PR campaigns of essential information from the beginning, rather than just the end.
  • Four out of five of those surveyed said their teams use statistics and data to provide information to its strategy and planning.

All but a small minority of respondents (5%) believe that their organization is prepared to extract relevant data from the information gathered.

With marketers relying on their departments for specialized tools, techniques and skills to use information as a planning tool, it is no surprise they want to prioritize the acquisition of crucial data in advance rather than at the end. With the vast amount of information available, there is no excuse.

Marketers are realizing the true benefits of information are not just reactively use to measure the results, but to obtain valuable data in the planning stage and ensure the success of the campaign from the beginning, and then all the way to completion. That is the true measure at its best.

Media 24/7 mentality versus 9-5

Although marketers can extract reliable data, some still are reluctant to take action in real time. Maybe our media consumption has become a habit 24/7 but only half (53%) of media professionals are always connected. In fact, for some marketers act in real time means acting fast, but only during working hours (38%). You can now have the tools and capabilities to respond immediately, but what good is if we still operate with a mindset of 9-5?

A delicate balance

When the time comes to rely on our information, marketers are especially cautious group. Only half (51%) relies entirely on information that comes from his own department, and even fewer (38%), swears on any information that comes from your communication device. But the information in the least trust is provided by your equipment purchases (26%) or legal (24%). Marketers are clearly aware that there exists a delicate balance between gathering information and putting it in context with their own knowledge and experience.

There is a healthy skepticism toward information. Research shows that while marketers are willing to adopt information as part of its strategic planning, good information alone does not mean by itself discover or find, a star for a campaign plan continues. The information should provide, but not driving, strategy and cannot replace the creativity and experience.

Marketer of the future: The Generation of Information

They are bright young people under 34 who actually use the information and take advantage of it. Two in three (65%) of these workers use information primarily to plan and they see their communications departments as professionals in the use of information for these purposes. They are more likely to adopt the mindset 24/7 (59%) but also the most confident in the information that comes from their own department (71%) group. So create a balance between the use of information and analysis of these data, comparing them with his own experience will be forming Generation Information.

Albert Palacci is passionate about digital marketing and data analysis, he is writing for several online magazines and websites, also you can check his personal blog and you can find more about him on his Twitter profile or Academia profile.