Why Game Developers Prefer The iOS

With the proliferation of computer games as well as game apps for mobile gadgets in these modern times, it cannot be denied how powerful the role of game developers has become. Apart from the games utilized for the famous iPhone, iPad, and other devices on iOS, more and more electronic tablets and smart phones are now making use of Android as an alternative. As the number of game players and supporters continue to increase, so do the different games available today.

From word games to trivia quizzes to simple pocket games to RPG concepts, these entertainment programs are becoming a staple in every smart phone and electronic tablet and are even developed for Wii machines, enjoyed with the use of a Wii motion plus controller. Even video games originally designed for Nintendo devices are being transformed into apps for mobile gadgets. For game developers, all these advancements signify a continuous rise in their careers and open up more possibilities in the future. Majority of them have actually expressed the desire to keep on improving games and coming up with fresh ideas that integrate “old school” types of games with the use of the iOS system which they generally prefer over Android.

Partiality for the iOS

At present, numerous game developers have expressed their preference for the iOS due to several reasons. For many of them, it has been easier to bring over Nintendo DS video games to the iOS platform. Some iOS games are even making use of the Wii motion plus controller today as an added exciting feature and newly incorporated iOS technology.

Basically, here are the main reasons why these game developers have shown partiality for the iOS:

– Lack of Time and Marketing

Because the Apple platform is more stable and established, plenty of developers would rather spend their time and effort making use of this rather than coming up with another version for Android gadgets. Using iOS for them means easier and faster marketing because it is already very popular and also has a very good image of providing only quality games. This is why a lot of Nintendo fans can now say goodbye to their Nintendo DS charger and unit since developers have come up with versions of the video games for the iOS platform.

– Better Profit and Prestige

As mentioned above, iOS games are regarded with prestige and respect. Hence this reflects back on the game developers. At the same time, they have a greater chance of making a higher profit here because there are plenty of Apple users around the world willing to pay for games and updates. Besides, Android games are more likely to be pirated unlike those that make use of the iOS. When this happens, developers are cheated of their rightful earnings.

– Wide Range of Devices

Many game developers also like the iOS better because there are limited models or devices that can make use of it. On the contrary, more and more gadgets are making use of Android. Thus, this poses a problem for the design of the game most especially when it comes to visuals and controls. In relation to devices too, the popular Wii also makes use of iOS. Game lovers can have more fun utilizing the Nintendo Ds charger while playing their favorites with movement.

Indeed a lot of people still show preference for the iOS as compared with Android. Although the latter seems to be catching up, many game developers plan to continue utilizing more of the iOS.


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