Why Businesses Need PV Lightning Protection


Companies that have solar sites will want to include PV lightning protection. This feature helps prevent damage to systems from strikes that can potentially cause serious damage and take systems out of commission for extended periods of time.

Why Strikes Are So Dangerous

About 100 people in the U.S. will die each year as the result of being hit by lightning. While people have the notion that being far away from the lightning is a safeguard, the fact is that it can travel up to 40 miles from the point of origination to hit something. Every second of the day, there is a strike happening somewhere on Earth.

A single bolt of lightning can produce up to 40,000 amperes of current potentially frying anything it comes in contact with. It can not only start fires but also completely destroy different kinds of electrical systems and electronic devices like computers. The insurance estimates for claims resulting from lightning strikes are in the billions each year.

Weather and Climate

Many areas of the country are prone to lightning strikes at most times of the year. While some areas such as the Southwest are less prone to experience these events, mostly during the summer monsoon and sometimes in the winter, the potential for damage is always present. In that some areas are prone to storms that come up suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, it can sometimes be impossible to predict when a lightning strike will occur.

People have found that storms in the last few decades have increased in power and intensity. This is true of most areas of the country weather it is the Midwest experiencing tornadic events or the West Coast experiencing El Nino patterns, extreme weather is on the rise. This has lead to many areas of the country experience increased and more frequent episodes of lighting.

What to do?

Installing a photo voltaic lightning protection system can be the best protection to save solar systems from damage. These products are used for solar power inverters and panels to prevent problems that can result from taking a direct hit by lightning. Much like a surge protector being used to protect a home computer, these products remove much of the potential for a system being damaged during storms. People will find that using these kinds of products help keep systems up and running without experiencing the kind of damage that has the potential to destroy systems.