Top Six Learning Apps for Kids

With the Advancement on technology kids of every age are getting their mind sharpen. With the daily use of Smartphones and the sea of apps children have a lot to learn everyday along with fun and playing games. Today every school has started teaching on the internet or using different educational software. The method of learning has been made totally different with the changing period.  With laptops, Smartphones and tablets at home, Kids find easier to learn from home itself. Of apps that can be useful for them in learning along with gaming and fun.

In this article of, I will list you the top apps that I found it useful for every growing child. Though there are number of apps available of mobile store, these 6 are the best apps to be downloaded. Check the list below and download it to sharpen your child’s mind.

1.      Endless Alphabets
Sesame Street’s The Monster are the creator of this app. This app is the most attractive silly and cute loved by every lid.  The app has a monster theme activity that helps the children to learn the new words and how to spell them. The app does not have any time limit or score like the other games, to the child can take enough time to answer any question. Some words will be too advanced for the preschoolers, but the parents can spend time making them learn those words too. The app is available on the respective Smartphone store for free of cost and 99- cent for the ads free app.

Ages 3 & above

2.      Spelling City
This learning app is found best for the kids that have problem in learning spellings. The app includes 10 word lists with eight different games that will make your child learn spellings like a champ! HangMouse is the best game found inside, similar to the game Hangman. Other fun games found in the app include word scrambles, alphabetizing challenges, and missing-letter quizzes.
Ages 7 & above

3.      NASA App HD
This is an official app by NASA that allows every kid and adult to access the outer view of space and planets from the palm of your hand. The app comes with a library of space information, images and HD videos, tweets from astronauts and more. They can also learn everything about their favorite planets and satellites.

Ages 7 and up
4.      Monkey Math School Sunshine
This app provides a very good way for your kids and children to get used to dealing with numbers. The bright beach and aquarium images theme make the app more attractive that helps children performing maths more interestingly. Children can practice addition, subtraction, quantities identification and sorting with the selection of friendly characters. This app comes with a cost of 99-cent that are worth spending in making your kids learn mathematics.

5.      Music Theory app for beginners
Are you looking for your child to learn music? Learning any musical instrument is a great stress buster. It is very much necessary to make them learn from their childhood days. Initially this app will help your beginner child to learn music from the initial stage at home. The app comes with the cost of $2.99 that are worth and less compared to going into musical classes outside for learning.

6.      PicsArt for Kids
Painting is an Art and Art is learning. Make your child make fun and learn drawing and coloring pictures with this app PicsArt. Your young kids’ artists will love coloring the pictures of different shapes, alphabets and animals. Hand them the phone and guide them in selecting the colours. The app comes with, free of cost and 99-cents for ads free app.

Download all the above learning apps and make them learn with the latest toys Smartphones and Tablets.


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