Teens and Technology – Parental Advice

You must have gone through countless and innumerable articles and opinions based on the concept of technology. It is because, technology is a widespread perception; it is an offshoot of globalization and has entangled every individual on this planet. No individual or a single person has remained untouched and unaffected by this thought. It has revolutionized our lives and made us completely dependent on it. This world ha becomes a global place, all thanks to technology. It has incorporated cultures, thoughts, ideas and made us into a single perception for the sake of mankind. From dealing with the world issues to sorting out interpersonal relationships, technology is used. Since, we have seen and observed the consequences of such a new matter, education has promoted the use of technology for the benefits of teachers, management and even the students. The main reason behind this is to provide maximum satisfaction as well as quality education based on the apparatus and tools that were not observed before. Toddlers who used to find color or crayons to fill in their books can now easily unlock their parent’s phone without their consent. They do that because they observe. By the continuous repetition of the act of locking and unlocking their phones, children are more prone and exposed to technology and hence, we can see how the lives of our children have been widely affected by it. The only setback is that technology, rather than being used for a positive purpose is often deviated and used for corruption and perversion. Parental advice and supervision is, therefore, required on a constant basis.

Teens and Tech

Education about Technology

Initially, try to indulge your teens in discussing about the positive and negative aspects of technology. Guide them as you instruct them about avoiding drugs, relationship or anything else. Sit with them and interact through an ongoing conversation, tell them to make use of technology, but also set limits for it. Make sure you guide them in a proper manner and give them advices about internet safety and protection. You can also educate them thoroughly, by giving them tips on how to not be a tech freak and make use of technology just for the purpose of particular interests.

Use Technological Help

As parents, you need to be one step ahead. Make sure that you are monitoring and observing your teens with technological advancements, keeping a child lock on televisions or checking up on the internet history. Sometimes, teens are left with no choice and indulge in indecent activities, but it is up to you on how you can cater the needs of your children. Expose them to informational and educational websites and develop a mutual trust by strengthening the relationship.

Alternative Route

The best possible way to assist your child is to generate guarantee whether your teen is not a holic of technology. Take them out, converse with them and initiate the concept of family conversations. Do spend time with them using technology, play video games with them as well as regulate the act of too much usage and consumption of screens. The best distraction and entertainment your teens can receive is the active and energetic outdoor sports and athletics.

Know Your Kids

Parents should be aware of the mental and psychological problems their teens might be facing, teenage is the time of ups and down; with depression or probably anxiety. So make sure to assist them in every phase of their life so they do not spend maximum time in front of the screens.

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