How is Technology Changing the Concept of Gaming?

The concept of Modern Gaming

Standing on the rooftop of one of the tallest buildings in the United States city of Los Angeles, you can see everything bright and shine under you, the traffic, the crowd, and the busy streets of LA. The industrial roads that surround the sub-urban parts of the city and corner of shady gangster waiting for their next victim, all this in one glimpse and nothing else. We are not talking about some new tourist attraction that has just opened up, all this detailing of life in one single glance is for the entertainment of the players and within a single gaming scene. Yes, this is how close to reality our games have become.

With the modern technology, it is not a surprise that the investment in making a single hit gaming title takes much more than making a Hollywood movie. The kind of technology, artwork and effort it involves as well as time is something that was never seen before. Gaming in the modern world has redefined our thoughts on the concept and this is why we have a group of people who have gaming as their one and only passion. The growth in the gaming industry, has made it a multi billion dollar investment and have created millions of jobs as well as organizations with the likes of Active Vision and EA. To further elaborate the modern concept of gaming, we will talk about how technology has changed the way we play our games.


Gaming Consoles

A few decades back, the concept of gaming consoles in the shape of small structured devices was there. This later translated into average consoles, which allowed for very basic gaming with the inclusion of television. Finally, as the progress went on, today we have one of the most powerful gaming devices that seem unreal. With the growth in technology and advancement in consoles from PlayStation and Xbox to PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE, is something that has redefined the dynamics of the games. If you wish to witness this change, then have a look at a FIFA match on the modern day PlayStation 4 and see how close to reality it is.

Gaming through Computers

Computers hardly played a role when it comes to gaming in the early times. As the power and growth in the technology of computers was witnessed, a completely dedicated game on personal computers started to come up. Now the personal computers, game and graphics directly compete with the modern day gaming consoles. Users with computers have the advantage to continuously customize their PCs by putting in various technological improvements, which they cannot do in a console.

Gaming with the Smart and 3D Television

Just like 3D High Definition movies, now we have seen the concept of games that rely on the technology of a Smart TV or a 3D enabled Television. In future, it should not come as a surprise, if the modern games change to more 3D versions and users have to adapt to this technological surprise.

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