Sony PlayStation 4 – Sony PS4 review


It seem that the hardcore gaming enthusiast are going to have a great time as two leading gaming console manufactured has come out with their new version while Sony has come out with it latest offering new PlayStation 4 Microsoft has also announced that it is going to come up with it new version of gaming console Xbox one which is another popular device.

We are going to have comparison between the two sometime later today we are just going to review Sony new PlayStation PS4 and see what is new in it and how different is it from the earlier version

Sony new Playstation is also called the “supercharged PC” with the ability to effortlessly share interactive experiences, by instantly broadcasting video of gaming action or virtually handing out health potions to friends online. Let’s have a detailed looks at the new play station 4

Sony new PlayStation 4 has got a “black parallelogram” look it is the sleeker console by Sony till date the new console also features a tray less BLU RAY drive and a hidden power button the look of the console is slanted and look great the device is quiet small. The power and eject button is low profile and add to the beauty of device

The Controller
The console is little bigger and people with small hand might find it difficult to reach the analog stick there is also inbuilt motion sensor DUALSOCK4 which features share button and touch control though big is size it feels good to hold in hand thanks to the new texture especially when it come to the analog stick the added ribbing beside giving a nice feel also prevent the DUALSOCK4 from awkward slipping and sliding. Hence it can be said that DUALSOCK4 is better than DUALSOCK3 minus the size and glowing blue light

User Interference
The most annoying thing in PS3 was staring at the large empty screen which was also called the home screen which even made the PS3 look somewhat cheaper compared to Microsoft Xbox one which had a great user interference over the year. But it seem that Sony has learn the lesson the new interference of PlayStation 4 is quite pleasing to the eyes and it is now much easier to find the games but still when it comes to user interference it is far behind Microsoft Xbox one

Overall impression of the Sony new Play station 4
The Sony new PlayStation 4 come with much improved then it previous version be it the killer design the new controller DUALSOCK4 the new user inherence or be it the new design but still it has to work in term of UI which is still not up to the mark when compared to Microsoft Xbox one the other things were the Microsoft Xbox one score over Sony new PlayStation 4 is the no of entertainment value it provide along it Xbox one but when it comes to just hardcore gaming Sony new PlayStation 4 is definitely a winner.


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