Service Industry Technology: 5 Ways to Get the Best out of your Data from Field Service Management Software

Data management software’s are used in many industries, including industries where previously technology was unlikely to be a part of their day to day activities.

Much has been said about the need for all companies to use cloud computing to track their demand and use any information provided to their advantage. This is all part of a digital transformation and the service industry must take heed of technology and what they can gain from it in order to manage customer experience and optimise their workers. It also gives an edge in the form of flexibility through enabling a mobile workforce. It is a very cost effective way of transforming a workforce, to meet the specific needs of the business and of their consumers.

More so than ever before, service organisations have to keep their customers happy, as in these competitive industries there is always an alternative company that their business can go to instead. Furthermore, customers have a voice that demands to be heard through the platform of social media. Their comments about services online have the power to build or destroy the reputation of a company.

Field Service Management Software

A proactive company will use their field management software and the data it provides to create valuable solutions to how members of their team work. Here are just five of the ways that the data created from this software can be used to optimise the service a business provides.

Service Based Technician Compensation

Essentially this means using the data logged to manage performance. Analysis of time keeping, customer levels of satisfaction and how workers have gone out of their way to fix any unexpected problems they have been up against can act as performance measures. Using the data from field service technology to reward high performance is motivating to employees, leading to greater results for the customer.

Share Performance Metrics with HR

The performance data is more or less crucial to how new employees are trained. HR might have tried and tested methods which have worked but this technology is a powerful real time indicator of performance and should be used to be constantly seeking new ways of learning or training.

Make Executives Accountable

Executives using cloud technology and field management software’s have no excuse to not be aware of what is going on in the day to day realities of their workers. Executives need to be on the ball, examining performance metrics then looking for ways to improve difficulties or areas of underperformance.

Performance Data is Easily Accessible

Some business owners have been cautious about the security of the data stored within their softwares especially with large and complex data sets. Any good cloud will have additional security measures. The advantage of this is that the data is there and easily accessible. It is accessible to be shared across different departments of a company, strengths and weaknesses can be assessed and discussed by managers so that the whole organisation can learn from top performers.

Real Time Analytics can Really Make a Change

One of the main strengths of field service management software is the fact that data is provided in real time. Real time analytics being distributed through the cloud are a real game changer, as it will speed up any delays and ensure that if necessary somebody else from the team can be on hand to help with a problem if needed before it escalates.

In field service industries customers won’t wait for answers to their problems to be solved, they’ll simply look elsewhere. Real time intelligence in the form of IT can be used to solve problems immediately, whilst providing the metrics needed for long term performance improvements within an organisation on the whole, regardless of how big or small they are.

About the Author

Laura Morrissey is a writer for Eworks Manager. She is interested in technology, particularly how it is working to revolutionise the field service industry.


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