Rooting an Android Phone: Important Things to do before Getting Root your SmartPhone

Android Rooting– It is the process of allowing the Android device users to get privileged control over the Android subsystem. With the help of Android rooting you will have access to all the premium and restricted features restricted by the Android OS. There are many ways to root your device and the process is not that complex as you might have heard. All you need to know is the proper method suitable for your device and you can complete the rooting in a very short period of time. Android rooting will give your device a complete new look from the home screen to the internal settings function.

The process of Android rooting comes with both advantages and disadvantages. You get the right to access all the apps and games while on the other side you have to say goodbye to the warranty of the device once rooted. However to get all the rooting benefits you need to apply proper method. In this article I am listing the things you need to perform before starting the process of rooting.

1.       Follow the trusted Android rooting source:
Check thorough all the android root guide and the sources on the internet before choosing any of the sources. There are so many tutorials and videos available, but not all are credible. So check the forums and look for the trusted sources and read the reviews. The forum also allows you to post your queries if you have any and know the answer to all your queries.

2.      Take a full backup of phone data
It is the most desirable threat of losing all the data while rooting. Generally, if you make mistakes while Android rooting process, you may have threat of losing all your data. So it is a good decision of making a complete backup of your device in the laptop or different source like hard disk or pen drive.

3.      Know your phone handset
It is one of the major steps to know your Android handset fully while rooting the device. Understand the model number, version, firmware of your device. Rooting the wrong firmware may cause disastrous consequences. Again, make sure that please do not hesitate to ask the queries and also know about the latest updates and notifications from the forum.  Every different phone handset has different and specific way of rooting process. So know your phone details and choose the correct method of rooting that is suitable for your device.

4.      Fully charge the handset
Please do not take the battery level as granted, you may have the situation on the phone getting switched off while Android rooting process going on. Keep the phone charged at least up to 75% charged, but I recommend keeping 100% fully charged for lesser worries.

5.      Install necessary drivers for your phone
Before processing for the rooting of your device, make sure that you have installed all the necessary drivers installed on your Laptop or PC. You will also need to enable the US debugging on your Android phone. To enable the USB debugging go to the settings-> Phone settings-> Enable debugging.

The above steps outline the major steps you definitely need to perform before rooting. Take enough time and start rooting, any small mistake in rooting may charge you to lose all your data. So keep patience and clear set of mind during the Android rooting process. Above everything, rooting will allow you all the fantastic options to operate on your phone so get proper method and root it on your own.


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