How Gaming Technology Change Day by Day

People are playing lots of games regularly. Gaming technology is growing quickly in few years. Game is something in which you have some challenges and goals. Everybody likes to play game in free time. Children and teenager are always eager to play different game that they really like. In modern days, there are many technologies are available that play children as well as elder people.

 In this article we discuss about those gaming technologies that are introduced in 20 years time frame.

Battery Based Games

In later part of 90s, majority of people play physical games like hockey, football etc. but at that time some battery based games were introduced. In these games people play a single game that has built-in in the device. At that time, people like those games because this is an advance technology for that particular time.gta

Atari Game

This is the first game that is connected with TV. This is the technology in which people have option to play different game. In this technology, people play the game through joy stick. It has limited storage device in which many games were saved.

Personal computer game

After 1995, many people are easily afforded computer. Earlier, there is lots of game that are saved floppy disc. After sometime CDs are available and computer games are introduced on CDs. These games are handling with computer mouse and keyboard. In Windows accessories some cards games are also available to facilitate the users. After time to time, computer technology is enhance that is also helpful in the advancement of different game.


Nintendo is the second popular game technology that connects with TV. Road fighter and Mario Brothers are two very popular games that are introduced in Nintendo. This game provide different controller that have some buttons to handle the game.

 Sega Game

Sega is the advance version of Nintendo; all games are available on Cassette. In this gaming technology, there are two stylish controllers to handle the games. Many fighting games were popular at that time, when Sega was introduced.


This gaming technology change the way of playing game. It provides real time environment. This technology is advance day to day. PS1, PS2, PS3 AND PS4 are all versions of play station. In PS1 and PS2 the controller are connected through wires but PS3 and PS4 provides the wireless controller. PS3 and PS4 are very popular now days and these games are playing on high definition Screen.

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