The future of Mobile Game is bright!

The day that consoles and PC ruling the gaming industry are long gone. The growing mobile game industry is moving faster than you can imagine. Over the years, with technology keep advancing and pushing limits, there are no boundaries that mobile game cannot cross. The extremely profitable market makes game producers hungrier and motivate to be even more innovate than ever. Many people are already dreaming of virtual reality for mobile, which is surprisingly not that far away, when Vive and Oculus are starting to notice the mobile market.

Mobile Games




Apple smart watches is the alarm to let us know that there are more to expect from mobile gaming. It’s not the first generation of smart watch, it is however, is the single device that gain the most attentions from avid gamers. Apple watch bring a lot of innovations when it comes to gaming, such as syncing, playing with motions or WII-like gaming, things that were un-heard of before. It may seem like a small niches, but Samsung, HTC and other technology giants has caught up as well. They do not want to be behind Apply once again, and HTC with their Vive device, is expected to be the strongest player in this market. HTC is thought to be making a big step, if they can incorporate their mobile phone, watch, and the Vive to work together, and that’ll be when HTC truly become a formidable opponent to Apple and Samsung.


With this growing trend, we are expect more and more innovations than ever.


Poker Games


Gambling is huge, and we already know that gambling on mobile is a strong market as well. Casual poker game, casual betting apps are competitive market. It also let people satisfy their needs and give them the ability to bet all the time, which could double the enormous gambling in the world. Gambling is competitive and when it comes to mobile gambling, it is no differences. People play with virtual chips or virtual football games, and even betting on classic games wherever they’d like. Sites like m88 casino offer people exciting options when it comes to online gambling.


Gambling sites, along with gambling apps grow strong as time goes by.


There is a bright future for mobile gaming. But in the end, we must not technology giants control our lives with their products. Being a smart consumer, as well as a player is productive to your economy as well as your own pocket. Know your limit and hold em!


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